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The BCG complications

The BCG complications include hypodermic cold abscesses local complication arising from not correct introduction of the vaccine into the skin, it develops in to .months and require surgical treatment; sores size over mm as a rule, this is a consequence of high individual individual reactivity of organism; may require local treatment; inflammation of regional lymph node occurs when bacteria BCG beyond skin in the nearest lymph node; keloid increased the scar when the size of the scar less than mm treatment Deposit is not required.

Show, where

Deliver before the child in a row three caps to one tsva that.Show, where big, where average, where the small.On build together with the child a turret at first on big cap we put average, then small.Hide a stake packs at first should be put on a small cap of Wednesdays niya, and then big.All your actions need to be sounded, that the child not only saw that you do, but also heard also learned to understand words.Can gradually start comparing by the size of Troy ki multicolored caps and to do with them the same about to suzhdat, where what what is more or less than another, stro to ityit turrets or to hide one cap under another.

He sat in a beautiful

Come in the garden after the event nick and I will say that I dressed up in darkness.Here the guys in the band and me not note Lee!THE FIRST CONCERT Makar for the first time was in the Conservatory.Together with him came to the concert my mother and sister.He sat in a beautiful red chair and looked at the scene.There stood a large musical instruments drums, harp, piano.Soon the audience left the band, and brought with them the tools smaller.It were violin, trumpet, English horns.

Value of mushrooms

MUSHROOMS IN FOOD OF CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS Mushrooms represent vegetable food.Value of mushrooms Mushrooms possess an ekstraktivnost, give fragrant broths.Addition even small amount of highgrade fresh mushrooms, such as truffles, champignons or cepes, in many meat, game, fish dishes give them aroma and taste.In the food relation mushrooms are valuable existence nitrogenous and albumens, therefore they are also called vegetable meat.Fresh boletuses surpass cabbage, eggplants, green onions in caloric content, and dried almost twice kaloriyny eggs and boiled sausage.

The carbohydrate

In separate mixes for premature children srednetsepochechny triglycerides are entered, for which digestion it is not required participations of enzymes of a pancreas lipases.The pancreas at premature children does not possess yet due activity.The carbohydrate component of mixes is generally presented by lactose and dekstrinmaltozy, possessing ability to stimulate growth the bifidobacteria which are slowing down development of pathogenic microorganisms.The vitamin and mineral structure of products is balanced and completely corresponds to need of prematurely been born child for these important feedstuffs doses are without fail entered into products vitamins D, E and C, and also calcium and iron.


Tell children about solar Cis's planets subjects, about an origin of their names.Esteem about it in children's encyclopedias.Using reference materials or sob stvenny knowledge, spread out planets on a shouting to bits.Together with the child to each planet under take a card with the name and a symbol.Offer the child independently on a pas to mint or using books to locate planets in orbits and to pick up cards to them.After a while child, for certain will cope with it independently, without books or helps will spread out cards with names or cards with symbols, or both that, and another okoloplant in the field.

For preparation

At the moment there is a wide the range of products for children with various pathology of these or those bodies and systems, allowing to compensate as much as possible this state, and in the subsequent the child develops according to physiological norms also does not differ from contemporaries.For preparation of these products of the medical food special processing of foodstuff, which is required it is reached only in the conditions of industrial production.Medical products can be divided into some groups mixes for premature and newborn with small body weight; mixes for the children having an allergy to proteins of cow's milk; mixes for children with laktazny insufficiency; mixes for the children suffering from a fenilketonuriya; mixes for children with a tseliakiya; mixes for the children suffering the mukovistsidozy.

Cooling and freezing

In order to avoid development of putrefactive and mold microorganisms fermented products need to be stored at the lowered temperatures in cellars, cellars.Cooling and freezing is based on knowledge that at to temperature of °C the majority of microorganisms cannot develop.Conservation by sugar a method at which ability is used sugar to create at high concentration big osmotic pressure, that is very adverse for development of microorganisms.For conservation foodstuff also addition of various antimicrobic is applied substances phytoncides, antibiotics, antiseptic tanks.

How much

There is almost skimmed milk, skim milk ,, %, but for the kids, it is not appropriate, it there is almost no fatsoluble vitamins.How much fat milk to give the baby depends the number of fats coming into his body with OS orbital food.Than fatter other dishes, which re the child eats during the day, the less fat milk needs but to choose.The most ideal option is to buy for a child special, baby milk in our country known trade mark Theme.Besides, what is mo Loco prepared in respect of all measures safe particularly, it is further enriched by necessary mi vitamins and minerals.

Alik and Lenya

Then about iznasi them from memory.Alik and Lenya Topal.Galya and Valya ran.Olya and Lida sang.Roofing and Kolya were digging.VA La and Lida nodded.Loew and Oleg walked.Luda and Lyuba rested.Lenya and Lina Bo Lely.Thekremlin pronunciation sound EH, composed as answers to questions Take pictures of the boy and girl from Annex .Give them the names of Lena and Le nya.Display pictures hints of Annexes and answer the questions fully the proposals.

My method

Child, which safely undertakes any business, carelessly goes forward, in passing somehow correcting the mistakes, everything does badly because undertakes that beyond its powers, such child never will not be sensitive to the mistakes.My method of training in the letter is pedagogic it inspires to the child the prudence inducing it to prevent mistakes, advantage which forces to watch it and conducts to perfection, and humility which approaches it to the source dobra.My method destroys confidence that casual success enough for continue niya of the begun business.


From the street, from the yard, showing sya silent, sounds start reaching that will begin to chirp a birdie, there will pass the child.Children this silence fascinates.Here the head mistress speaks already there is more nobody; children all where that disappeared.Having reached such silence, we darken the room and we allow children to close eyes, and the polo head to live on hands.They accept this pose, and in the twilight the absolute silence sets in.Now listen we speak the low voice will call you on names.


Lunch, undoubtedly the most practical education of taste.Education of feeling of sight I.Distinctive perception of the sizes by means of sight .Supplementary bodies.This set consists of three wooden whetstones, everyone of cm, cm high and cm wide.Each whetstone has on ten nests; in each of these nests it is inserted on the wooden cylinder which is taken out by means of wooden or copper the button strengthened in the top side of each cylinder.Nests of cylinders very much on hozh on nests of raznovesk in chemical laboratory.

But the noise

Kostya and think couldn that younger brother also knows something.As you walked boys near the river and noticed that from the attic one home smoke, and of the attic door leaned out loudly me teaching, black cat.The boys started to knock on the doors and Windows of the house, Cree part, to call for help.But the noise nobody responded.On the porch he saw two buckets, and near the stairs logs and the boards.Remembered Kostya, as recently on view in the circus of acroba you teeter boards highly threw each other.


kg, in the absence of medical contraindications and on the presence of the permission of doctors.Children older than months BCG is carried out only after the given reaction Mantoux test and only in case of the negative result see the next section Sample Mantoux test tuberculin.The first revaccination with BCG is years of age, have a second on lsti age.Are vaccinated only under condition of negative samples Mantoux test.The interval between the Mantoux test and BCG vaccination should amount not less than days, but not more than weeks.

If only

If only I On the free will of To swim and sail In his gondola, On the whaler, On the cake To sail without grief And anxiety Just to swim and swim for hours Still under sail Ile motor, Ile rowed In that region, Where no adults!To see the ocean, Will pothouse with hurricane And return back to the mother Right to tea with pies.p B.Zakhoder Instrumental case What is protected?EF thorns, deer horns etc.What will you treat animals friends?PLIM Spoon a spoon, Spoon the soup to eat.


It is work long and difficult, as the child, seeing a sample, has to follow the movements necessary for its reproduction, and here between visual feeling and corresponding to it does not exist.Calligraphy too it is often taught at such age when all defects were already approved, and physiological the period of work of muscular memory already passed.We directly podgotovlyay the child not only to the letter, but also to a calligraphy, an obra shchy a lot of attention to beauty of a form children feel calligraphical letters and on plav letter nost to it exercises serve in shading of figures.

Add the matching

Add the matching rhyme need the same number of syllables Says an adult child Says Paradise goes to the Bazaar, ar ar ar ar ar ar.Fedor is sweeping the yard, PRS PRS PRS PRS PRS PRS.At trough a lot of chickens, UR ur ur.UR UR UR Iraida drink kefir, Il Il Il, Il Il Il.Smooth red tomato, Dor Dor Dor Dor.Farmer's name is Zachary, har har har, har har har.Master cuts the cord, Nur Nur Nur Nur Nur Nur.Truck leads the driver, fer fer fer, fer fer fer.Romijn dad officer, CER CER CER, CER CER CER.

When breathing

Look and listen for breathing if rebenok PART III.FIRST AID IN CASE OF ACCIDENTS If the child is not breathing , start reani on information.When breathing in a child recovers, about dalgite to monitor breathing and pulse.Fix the head and torso of the child in the position they are in.The head and torso of a child put will roll tym towels, blankets or clothing.When click on them to the body of heavy objects book mi, stones.If the child is lying on his back , put him under your neck is not moving head some thin pillow or small the towel.

Their love

Mildness of children is so absolute, their tenderness is so boundless, it a humility germ which it is easy to muffle any form of oppression, any nespraved livost.Their love to knowledge surpasses any other love and forces us to think that the mankind truly in the soul carries passion which conducts people everything to the new to victories of thought and every century softens a yoke of different types of slavery more and more.EDUCATION OF FEELINGS In the field of experimental pedagogics education of feelings, undoubtedly, should give especially importance.

Says an adult

Says an adult child Says We will go over the sea, OC OC OC, OC OC OC.I tell you the truth, Rue Rue Rue Rue Rue Rue.We woke up at dawn, re re re re re re.Only tell the truth, ri ri ri ri ri ri.We were not in vain, OC OC OC, OC OC OC.All the trees in silver, re re re re re re.The mountain ash look ri ri ri ri ri ri.I'm on the sea will sunbathe, Rue Rue Rue, U.ryuryu.THE SECOND STAGE THE CONSOLIDATION OF THE R SOUND IN WORDS AND PHRASES Securing the pronunciation of sound R in the beginning, middle and end the words.


As it is necessary for practice of tactile feeling to concern subjects, washing of hands in warm water has one more advantage inspiring to the child of the beginning of neatness, we learn not to touch subjects the dirty.Therefore I I connect the general concepts of practical life to washing of hands, cleaning of nails, etc.to the uprayena the niya preparing for distinction of tactile incentives.Restriction of exercises of tactile feeling with fingertips, socalled podushech Kami of fingers, it is caused by practice of life.

The teacher

Give me blue.Now we will imagine that the child in this last case makes a mistake.The teacher does not repeat and does not insist.It will smile, will caress the child and will clean color samples.Simplicity of a lesson ordinary plunges teachers into the greatest amazement.Often they speak But after all so everyone is able to do!However, it something like Kolumbov of egg, but in effect not everyone will manage to do this simple thing.To proportion the activity, to adapt it to these a trebova to niya of clarity, brevity and truthfulness in practice very difficult task.

On the basis

Mokubei wisely!Control of a gain of weight of a child can be estimated by table.On the basis of changes in the growth supply in the last two or three days, you might suspect ka such problems that will allow time to pay Xia to the doctor.The normal growth of the child up to a year Total growth for the first year shall make kilograms.month the baby is expected to double by compared with the weight at birth, the year triple.Please note that the mass of the child should permanent increase.Weight reduction is unacceptable, for a kid, it means that there are serious problems.

It suggested

Development of accuracy in manufacture was the purpose of these materials geometrical figures by part as sizes, and a form the frame gave control of accuracy works.It suggested me an idea to make change to my geometrical tabs I ordered directly coal box of х cm.I painted a box bottom in darkly blue color and led round it dark frame or eaves height of mm and cm wide.The low box turned out, closed by a cover of the following device.One longitudinal and two cross sticks, each cm thick, were imposed crosswise, and six equal squares turned out.

It pollen

In total there are more than species al Mergenov.It pollen variety of plants, PART I.CHILDHOOD DISEASES microscopic fungi, industrial and household dust, animal hair and drug the drugs.Another name for seasonal allergic ri Nita hay fever from the Latin pollen floral dust.Usually hay fever escalates in the spring and in the summer, at least in the fall, and there is almost no during the winter.Symptoms Asthma coughing and permanent separation from nose that appear after being on the street in the time of flowering plants al Mergenov, especially in the dry and windy weather, or at home , if the allergen is house dust and other substances.

To pour sugar

Apple fruit jelly To prepare apples as it is specified in the previous recipe, at the rate of g of sugar on kg of apples.To put in a hot oven.After boiling to reduce temperature and to uvarivat apples about minutes.To lay weight in a foil, to dry at to room temperature then to cut on slices and to store in bank.The baked apples Apples to wash up, remove seeds.To cut segments or circles.To pour sugar at the rate of g on kg of apples.To lay apples under oppression for releases of juice.

Riga barn

Talk first slowly, then faster, while maintaining the volume and clarity of pronunciation.The apartment Katerina beautiful paintings.In the theatre for the premiere of many spectators on the ground.Cooking and Marina cooked from Rowan.In the yard of Boris many barberry.Marina Marina mushrooms.On the hill, on the hill, thirtythree Egor.The beds have Fedora radish, turnip, tomato.On the bed Perina, Perina Marina.Riga barn for drying crops and grain.Ne play zebrata with cubs!


Sammy looked at the camel, according nodded and said, Thank you, Mr.Camel.Since I know how to hold any water, and everything else I can hold.SHORT THERAPEUTIC HISTORY WITH INDIRECT IMPACT Let me remind you that the therapeutic fairy tales and stories are two kinds.Some are direct instructions, what to do, they addressed to the consciousness and offer a clear strategy of conduct ing.Others have an indirect impact, and the unconscious a child.The history of the second type can be long and very short, such as what is shown below.

From the first

The time has come younger lion cub to go to school.Finally, other animals will know and love me as my father, mother and brother I dreamed a small lion cub, I'll go to school and will motivate themselves to respect.From the first day at school lion cub had been respected by one graders.Will throw in a squirrel lump and asks Who is the most apt?Who is the strongest?Will be the earth bear and rejoices I am the clever, I am the strong one.Hit baby elephant book on the head and screaming with delight And you had overcome.

And then

He was in a great hurry, however, the burden was so heavy that he had briefly OST novitse under the branchy tree to catch my breath.And then he heard someone politely greeted him To Bry day, dear!Who would it be and why?A little ant, looked up and he saw a Caterpillar.She was so ugly that it's not even wanted to answer her greeting, and only muttered There are such disgusting creatures!BrRR!More distract, but I should have time to dusk, and the anthill closes!The summer has come!

To fill with

spoons, milk glass, it is swept away h.a spoon, egg pieces, salt solution h.spoons.To prepare a cauliflower puree as it is described in the previous recipe.In to enter hot mashed potatoes in turn butter, a crude egg yolk and the beaten egg white.To fill with this weight the form oiled to close form a cover and to cook weight on a water bath of minutes.To water a ready souffle sour cream.Brussels sprout with oil Brussels sprout backs, broth meat or water glass, butter h.


It is necessary to remember that frequency rate of feeding of the child till year from the first days of life to months feedings; months feedings; months feedings.Formulas for calculation of weight and growth of the child see in the section Reliable signs of sufficiency of breast milk.Optimum ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates = .Highcalorie requirement at artificial feeding by the adapted mixes that is similar at natural feeding, at feeding by not adapted mixes increases by %.THE MIXED FEEDING Such type of feeding is called mixed, at which child of the first as a main type of food breast milk receives halfyear of life and dokorm, i.


Diphtheria At occurrence of epidemics of diphtheria fully vaccinated individuals who received the last vaccination against diphtheria less than years ago, vaccinations are not subject; vaccinated persons who were the last shot is more than years ago, enter dose DT M or HELL M; unvaccinated and adults with unknown vaccination history, VCCI the nation carried out twice with an interval of days.In this case, all persons who had close contact with sick diphtheria, to receive study results analysis culture should be chemoprophylaxis doctors appointed by penicillin antibiotics or macrolide number.

If you decide

In guests?It was then that's a fancy dress.If you decide to send the cuty in the gym wear those on her suit.And a walk Pali then, hat and scarf.Game develops cognitive skills, perseverance, expanding horizons, vocabulary and imagination.Two and a half to three years Tag catchup Tell the kid Catch me!, and he happily POM turn yours in pursuit.Now run to the baby clapping their hands and saying will Catch up catch up!Will complicate the task let the kid runs on tiptoe.

Walk around

First cubes and figures must be no more four.The game develops memory and fine motor skills.From two to two and a half years Ah, what flavor!Ask the kid let's play a game we're two bears hares, and so on the walk.Walk around the house, hand in hand.Put taller orange Apple, and so on and make those look like tear it off from the tree.Give the kid sniff.Say, I feel very pleasant smell.And do you like?Tear the flower.Drag the kid Oh, what aroma!

In for to seconds, try to find

In for to seconds, try to find pulse; if the pulse is , continue artificial breathing, producing one injection air every seconds.Check pulse every artificial breaths child up to one year , after duvani air the child from one year to eight years or every breaths rabenballade after eight years .After minute of call emergency assistance .Then continue artificial respiration with check pulse; if the pulse of a child does not , start nepra my heart massage .To do this, without changing the position of the head of a child put fingers in the middle of his sternum just below the nipples .


For example, the children testing difficult st with a reaction delay, cannot often control also the emotions.They act without reflecting can tell nonsense or fall in rage because of the slightest provocation.To nonflexible children difficult justices lyat emotions unexpected change in plans conducts to loss sa moobladaniye.Sometimes violations of three organizational meet skills reaction delay, management of emotions, flexibility.If it your case, you know how it is difficult to keep calm, fighting about work nost and tests which make бoльшую a part of the life va shy child.


For Cortney it was useful when she could address to teachers, and they approved her actions or offered concrete councils.School psychologist dale wives also to offer useful strategy and to work them with the child, which suffers from excessive excitement before test.If the child says that the psychologist cannot help, address to the pediatrician with a request to advise someone with whom your daughter could work during short time to learn similar technicians.We remain in game how to avoid unworthy behavior Mike the active sevenyearold secondgrader, younger from three children in a family.

Table . The characteristic

Whole body

And Diaries also place!promised Yaks.Whole body the organization take on!Imagine the old man, he said to Buki what multimillion audience will be with thee, and thou shalt not will be collecting dust in the closet, and will be able to communicate with the whole world!And it means that together we can make our world Chu the point better!said beeches and filed Yaki hand.Computer the little man shook her.Ur!!!cried Cyril and Lisa, they became friends.

So, for example, hunting

So, for example, hunting dog gains the intuition not from education, which to it.the owner, and from special sharpness of sense of smell gives; as soon as this physiological quality receives the appendix, exercise in hunting, only more utonchayushchy sensory perception, the pleasure starts delivering to a dog, and then inspires and passion to it.The same can be told about the pianist, which continuous exercises develops in itself musical feeling and dexterity of a hand and starts taking all new and new harmonies from the tool.This double improvement lasts until, at last, the pianist will not become on the way limited only to his identity.


Instead of this only source food the child find different types of food now; for it existence sources are multiplied, and he to some extent can choose the food, while before he it was limited by one form of food.However it is still dependent as he is not able to go, is not able to wash and put on independently, is not able to ask about something language clear and comprehensible.In this period he still considerably is the slave to everyone passer.But at the age of three years the child already has to have opportunity to show a znachitel ny independence and freedom.

How time flies! It seems

In any case, you should put notify your local pediatrist.How time flies!It seems that even VCE RA baby was lying in the cradle, but he was happily stomping around the house, and him only eyes as if something had created!He terribly curious everywhere vanities your nose.It all interesting not only to see and to touch, to make out part, put in the mouth.Some toys fake unsatisfactory pots, jars, buttons all this is also going to study.You're a little scared do not expect from their crumbs such activity?


XE, eaten in any kind, raises blood sugar on average on , mmoll.Assimilation XE requires PIECE of insulin of short action.The breakfast can include various porridges, krupyany flakes, sourmilk products, cheese or sausage sandwiches, egg, sausages, tea or coffee.Lunch salad from vegetables, bread, lenten soups or soups on fast meat, chicken broths, fish soups, meat boiled, stewed, fish boiled, stewed, meat or fish cutlet, pilaf.A garnish potatoes, various soups, vegetables.

At marinated

The ready cabbage has to crackle on teeth.To fill the cooled cabbage with vegetable oil.To lay out cabbage in a salad bowl to strew with fennel.Salad from sauerkraut Sauerkraut g, cowberry marinated g, apples marinated g, sugar g, vegetable oil, cinnamon and a carnation.Cabbage, fermented the whole heads of cabbage, after removal of cabbage stumps to cut on pieces of a square form.At marinated apples to cut out a core and to cut their segments on parts.To filter watering from marinated apples, to put in it a carnation, cinnamon, to boil.

Chapter . Consequences. Motivation

At the same

At kids almost never happens allergies on chest milk though the child can be sensitive to that used mother in I peep.He well perceives milk.At the same time at one of ten babies after the first reception the allergy to artificial mix is shown, prepared on the basis of cow's milk.Expecting the child, it is necessary to reduce to a minimum risk of development of an allergy in yet not been born kid.Follows to pay a close attention to food during pregnancy.Natural food has to be various, but some products it is necessary to limit.

For example, if mother

But as soon as he will be able to remember people, events or objects, even for a short time, its world will become more and there will be with it a lava .Why the capable child such scattered?always, when he is awake.He starts choosing and making decisions.For example, if mother leaves and not at once comes back, the child can on to look there where he saw it last time, and to cry.Perhaps, mother will return.In that case at the certain level the child will come to vyvo du If mother leaves and I want that she returned, it is necessary to cry.

From half

Now ask How is buzzing train?, How goes the typewriter?Game develops fine motor skills, attention and cognition therefore abilities.From half to two years Our fingers play Put your baby in your lap and was stroking his palm, counting on fingers, prigovarivaya Forty, forty, Porridge cooked.On the threshold of the rode, The guests were on the lookout for Not whether guests Not being taken if the Goodies?Have guests, They brought gifts, This is clover, This is the mash, This is Pivtsov, And this was lacking, Come, there is a well, Get drunk of the water!

So, on the first, time

Figures from a cardboard.I cut out geometrical figures of different size from a cardboard and I learn children to make figures; but I do not demand that they made these figures, and on the contrary, I wait that | they spontaneously observed a surrounding situation, or I try to move them to such supervision.The child has to become interested and continue supervision selfpro izvolno.So, on the first, time I show game.Without a word, I bring with myself a parcel with ku cardboard nets, prepared for the child, I sit down in one of armchairs and I wait, so far children will surround me.

Spared the sun heat

Favourite rhyme sauce.Each acquainted with one of the walrus, I walrus sign.Friend yells at the Bazaar, as if the fire started.Zhuk said to me, Zhu Zhu Zhu, I bison are friends!Screamed saw, vibrated like a bee.When the clock I get, even her Wake.We would go to the meadow and will take with him stozhok.Spared the sun heat for a good tan.The dog on zavalinke lay and rear paw licking.Once the green butterfly sat on the yellow stalk.

The sparing

For children with food allergy the food is prepared a little differently, than for healthy contemporaries.For giving to food of its gentle pyureobrazny consistence carefully crush, mill, wipe.The sparing food reduces loading on digestive organs.In the same purposes to children even more advanced age in the sharp period of a disease should be steamed and boiled food.Products are exposed to longer processing.It is recommended to eat only freshly cooked food, as through some hours processes of rotting and fermentation begin, does not rescue even the refrigerator.

One catch

Talking to the kid in the course of game, use words left, right half, middle; top, picture bottom; top right corner, lower left and so on.Gradually pass to assembly of puzzles puzzles and pictures on cubes.GEOMETRICAL LOTTO Take an album leaf.Cut it in half on length.One catch on there will be a game field, another cards.Line each half on three parts.Draw a game in each section round of a geometrical figure.On both halves have to be absolute to the ode nakovy figures, it is better to draw them on a cliche use a ruler with openings in the form of figures or the game Framework and Inserts Geometrical.

If to interfere

Though many children also can to disturb gases in a tummy, these researches beat out the soil from under the theory, the explaining colic a congestion of gases.If to interfere and interrupt shouts of the kid suffering from gripes, he zaglotat it is less than air.Look at the child during one of such attacks.It so long holds the breath during shout, what even becomes blue, and it plunges parents in a panic.Then, when it seems that shout already will never come to an end, the child convulsively swallows of air as it is done also by you after a long delay breath.


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