In for to seconds, try to find

In for to seconds, try to find In for to seconds, try to find pulse; if the pulse is , continue artificial breathing, producing one injection air every seconds.

Check pulse every artificial breaths child up to one year , after duvani air the child from one year to eight years or every breaths rabenballade after eight years .

After minute of call emergency assistance .

Then continue artificial respiration with check pulse; if the pulse of a child does not , start nepra my heart massage .

To do this, without changing the position of the head of a child put fingers in the middle of his sternum just below the nipples .

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Sometimes For example, the children testing difficult st with a reaction delay, cannot often control also the emotions.

They act without reflecting can tell nonsense or fall in rage because of the slightest provocation.

To nonflexible children difficult justices lyat emotions unexpected change in plans conducts to loss sa moobladaniye.

Sometimes violations of three organizational meet skills reaction delay, management of emotions, flexibility.

If it your case, you know how it is difficult to keep calm, fighting about work nost and tests which make бoльшую a part of the life va shy child.

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