Formulas It is necessary to remember that frequency rate of feeding of the child till year from the first days of life to months feedings; months feedings; months feedings.

Formulas for calculation of weight and growth of the child see in the section Reliable signs of sufficiency of breast milk.

Optimum ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates = .

Highcalorie requirement at artificial feeding by the adapted mixes that is similar at natural feeding, at feeding by not adapted mixes increases by %.

THE MIXED FEEDING Such type of feeding is called mixed, at which child of the first as a main type of food breast milk receives halfyear of life and dokorm, i.

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Diphtheria Diphtheria At occurrence of epidemics of diphtheria fully vaccinated individuals who received the last vaccination against diphtheria less than years ago, vaccinations are not subject; vaccinated persons who were the last shot is more than years ago, enter dose DT M or HELL M; unvaccinated and adults with unknown vaccination history, VCCI the nation carried out twice with an interval of days.

In this case, all persons who had close contact with sick diphtheria, to receive study results analysis culture should be chemoprophylaxis doctors appointed by penicillin antibiotics or macrolide number.

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If you decide

If you decide In guests?

It was then that's a fancy dress.

If you decide to send the cuty in the gym wear those on her suit.

And a walk Pali then, hat and scarf.

Game develops cognitive skills, perseverance, expanding horizons, vocabulary and imagination.

Two and a half to three years Tag catchup Tell the kid Catch me!

, and he happily POM turn yours in pursuit.

Now run to the baby clapping their hands and saying will Catch up catch up!

Will complicate the task let the kid runs on tiptoe.

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Walk around

Walk around First cubes and figures must be no more four.

The game develops memory and fine motor skills.

From two to two and a half years Ah, what flavor!

Ask the kid let's play a game we're two bears hares, and so on the walk.

Walk around the house, hand in hand.

Put taller orange Apple, and so on and make those look like tear it off from the tree.

Give the kid sniff.

Say, I feel very pleasant smell.

And do you like?

Tear the flower.

Drag the kid Oh, what aroma!

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