And then

And then He was in a great hurry, however, the burden was so heavy that he had briefly OST novitse under the branchy tree to catch my breath.

And then he heard someone politely greeted him To Bry day, dear!

Who would it be and why?

A little ant, looked up and he saw a Caterpillar.

She was so ugly that it's not even wanted to answer her greeting, and only muttered There are such disgusting creatures!


More distract, but I should have time to dusk, and the anthill closes!

The summer has come!

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To fill with

To fill with spoons, milk glass, it is swept away h.

a spoon, egg pieces, salt solution h.


To prepare a cauliflower puree as it is described in the previous recipe.

In to enter hot mashed potatoes in turn butter, a crude egg yolk and the beaten egg white.

To fill with this weight the form oiled to close form a cover and to cook weight on a water bath of minutes.

To water a ready souffle sour cream.

Brussels sprout with oil Brussels sprout backs, broth meat or water glass, butter h.

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