However Instead of this only source food the child find different types of food now; for it existence sources are multiplied, and he to some extent can choose the food, while before he it was limited by one form of food.

However it is still dependent as he is not able to go, is not able to wash and put on independently, is not able to ask about something language clear and comprehensible.

In this period he still considerably is the slave to everyone passer.

But at the age of three years the child already has to have opportunity to show a znachitel ny independence and freedom.

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How time flies! It seems

How time flies! It seems In any case, you should put notify your local pediatrist.

How time flies!

It seems that even VCE RA baby was lying in the cradle, but he was happily stomping around the house, and him only eyes as if something had created!

He terribly curious everywhere vanities your nose.

It all interesting not only to see and to touch, to make out part, put in the mouth.

Some toys fake unsatisfactory pots, jars, buttons all this is also going to study.

You're a little scared do not expect from their crumbs such activity?

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Assimilation XE, eaten in any kind, raises blood sugar on average on , mmoll.

Assimilation XE requires PIECE of insulin of short action.

The breakfast can include various porridges, krupyany flakes, sourmilk products, cheese or sausage sandwiches, egg, sausages, tea or coffee.

Lunch salad from vegetables, bread, lenten soups or soups on fast meat, chicken broths, fish soups, meat boiled, stewed, fish boiled, stewed, meat or fish cutlet, pilaf.

A garnish potatoes, various soups, vegetables.

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At marinated

At marinated The ready cabbage has to crackle on teeth.

To fill the cooled cabbage with vegetable oil.

To lay out cabbage in a salad bowl to strew with fennel.

Salad from sauerkraut Sauerkraut g, cowberry marinated g, apples marinated g, sugar g, vegetable oil, cinnamon and a carnation.

Cabbage, fermented the whole heads of cabbage, after removal of cabbage stumps to cut on pieces of a square form.

At marinated apples to cut out a core and to cut their segments on parts.

To filter watering from marinated apples, to put in it a carnation, cinnamon, to boil.

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Chapter . Consequences. Motivation

Chapter . Consequences. Motivation Moreover, such approach can spoil the relations.

Slish often the parents who chose a way of punishment tell a lump Worse to be cannot any more, and the child answers I have nothing to lose.

Chapter .


Motivation of the child to training and use of organizational skills Support of organizational skills by means of a praise As in the first of the offered scenarios, the pokhva sometimes suffices ly and recognitions.

Parents, for example, can tell the fiveyearold to the child You cleaned teeth after a breakfast without reminders.

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At the same

At the same At kids almost never happens allergies on chest milk though the child can be sensitive to that used mother in I peep.

He well perceives milk.

At the same time at one of ten babies after the first reception the allergy to artificial mix is shown, prepared on the basis of cow's milk.

Expecting the child, it is necessary to reduce to a minimum risk of development of an allergy in yet not been born kid.

Follows to pay a close attention to food during pregnancy.

Natural food has to be various, but some products it is necessary to limit.

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