When breathing

When breathing Look and listen for breathing if rebenok PART III.

FIRST AID IN CASE OF ACCIDENTS If the child is not breathing , start reani on information.

When breathing in a child recovers, about dalgite to monitor breathing and pulse.

Fix the head and torso of the child in the position they are in.

The head and torso of a child put will roll tym towels, blankets or clothing.

When click on them to the body of heavy objects book mi, stones.

If the child is lying on his back , put him under your neck is not moving head some thin pillow or small the towel.

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Their love

Their love Mildness of children is so absolute, their tenderness is so boundless, it a humility germ which it is easy to muffle any form of oppression, any nespraved livost.

Their love to knowledge surpasses any other love and forces us to think that the mankind truly in the soul carries passion which conducts people everything to the new to victories of thought and every century softens a yoke of different types of slavery more and more.

EDUCATION OF FEELINGS In the field of experimental pedagogics education of feelings, undoubtedly, should give especially importance.

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Says an adult

Says an adult Says an adult child Says We will go over the sea, OC OC OC, OC OC OC.

I tell you the truth, Rue Rue Rue Rue Rue Rue.

We woke up at dawn, re re re re re re.

Only tell the truth, ri ri ri ri ri ri.

We were not in vain, OC OC OC, OC OC OC.

All the trees in silver, re re re re re re.

The mountain ash look ri ri ri ri ri ri.

I'm on the sea will sunbathe, Rue Rue Rue, U.


THE SECOND STAGE THE CONSOLIDATION OF THE R SOUND IN WORDS AND PHRASES Securing the pronunciation of sound R in the beginning, middle and end the words.

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Therefore As it is necessary for practice of tactile feeling to concern subjects, washing of hands in warm water has one more advantage inspiring to the child of the beginning of neatness, we learn not to touch subjects the dirty.

Therefore I I connect the general concepts of practical life to washing of hands, cleaning of nails, etc.

to the uprayena the niya preparing for distinction of tactile incentives.

Restriction of exercises of tactile feeling with fingertips, socalled podushech Kami of fingers, it is caused by practice of life.

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The teacher

The teacher Give me blue.

Now we will imagine that the child in this last case makes a mistake.

The teacher does not repeat and does not insist.

It will smile, will caress the child and will clean color samples.

Simplicity of a lesson ordinary plunges teachers into the greatest amazement.

Often they speak But after all so everyone is able to do!

However, it something like Kolumbov of egg, but in effect not everyone will manage to do this simple thing.

To proportion the activity, to adapt it to these a trebova to niya of clarity, brevity and truthfulness in practice very difficult task.

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On the basis

On the basis Mokubei wisely!

Control of a gain of weight of a child can be estimated by table.

On the basis of changes in the growth supply in the last two or three days, you might suspect ka such problems that will allow time to pay Xia to the doctor.

The normal growth of the child up to a year Total growth for the first year shall make kilograms.

month the baby is expected to double by compared with the weight at birth, the year triple.

Please note that the mass of the child should permanent increase.

Weight reduction is unacceptable, for a kid, it means that there are serious problems.

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