Education Lunch, undoubtedly the most practical education of taste.

Education of feeling of sight I.

Distinctive perception of the sizes by means of sight .

Supplementary bodies.

This set consists of three wooden whetstones, everyone of cm, cm high and cm wide.

Each whetstone has on ten nests; in each of these nests it is inserted on the wooden cylinder which is taken out by means of wooden or copper the button strengthened in the top side of each cylinder.

Nests of cylinders very much on hozh on nests of raznovesk in chemical laboratory.

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But the noise

But the noise Kostya and think couldn that younger brother also knows something.

As you walked boys near the river and noticed that from the attic one home smoke, and of the attic door leaned out loudly me teaching, black cat.

The boys started to knock on the doors and Windows of the house, Cree part, to call for help.

But the noise nobody responded.

On the porch he saw two buckets, and near the stairs logs and the boards.

Remembered Kostya, as recently on view in the circus of acroba you teeter boards highly threw each other.

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Children kg, in the absence of medical contraindications and on the presence of the permission of doctors.

Children older than months BCG is carried out only after the given reaction Mantoux test and only in case of the negative result see the next section Sample Mantoux test tuberculin.

The first revaccination with BCG is years of age, have a second on lsti age.

Are vaccinated only under condition of negative samples Mantoux test.

The interval between the Mantoux test and BCG vaccination should amount not less than days, but not more than weeks.

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If only

If only If only I On the free will of To swim and sail In his gondola, On the whaler, On the cake To sail without grief And anxiety Just to swim and swim for hours Still under sail Ile motor, Ile rowed In that region, Where no adults!

To see the ocean, Will pothouse with hurricane And return back to the mother Right to tea with pies.

p B.

Zakhoder Instrumental case What is protected?

EF thorns, deer horns etc.

What will you treat animals friends?

PLIM Spoon a spoon, Spoon the soup to eat.

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Calligraphy It is work long and difficult, as the child, seeing a sample, has to follow the movements necessary for its reproduction, and here between visual feeling and corresponding to it does not exist.

Calligraphy too it is often taught at such age when all defects were already approved, and physiological the period of work of muscular memory already passed.

We directly podgotovlyay the child not only to the letter, but also to a calligraphy, an obra shchy a lot of attention to beauty of a form children feel calligraphical letters and on plav letter nost to it exercises serve in shading of figures.

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Add the matching

Add the matching Add the matching rhyme need the same number of syllables Says an adult child Says Paradise goes to the Bazaar, ar ar ar ar ar ar.

Fedor is sweeping the yard, PRS PRS PRS PRS PRS PRS.

At trough a lot of chickens, UR ur ur.

UR UR UR Iraida drink kefir, Il Il Il, Il Il Il.

Smooth red tomato, Dor Dor Dor Dor.

Farmer's name is Zachary, har har har, har har har.

Master cuts the cord, Nur Nur Nur Nur Nur Nur.

Truck leads the driver, fer fer fer, fer fer fer.

Romijn dad officer, CER CER CER, CER CER CER.

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