For preparation

For preparation At the moment there is a wide the range of products for children with various pathology of these or those bodies and systems, allowing to compensate as much as possible this state, and in the subsequent the child develops according to physiological norms also does not differ from contemporaries.

For preparation of these products of the medical food special processing of foodstuff, which is required it is reached only in the conditions of industrial production.

Medical products can be divided into some groups mixes for premature and newborn with small body weight; mixes for the children having an allergy to proteins of cow's milk; mixes for children with laktazny insufficiency; mixes for the children suffering from a fenilketonuriya; mixes for children with a tseliakiya; mixes for the children suffering the mukovistsidozy.

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Cooling and freezing

Cooling and freezing In order to avoid development of putrefactive and mold microorganisms fermented products need to be stored at the lowered temperatures in cellars, cellars.

Cooling and freezing is based on knowledge that at to temperature of °C the majority of microorganisms cannot develop.

Conservation by sugar a method at which ability is used sugar to create at high concentration big osmotic pressure, that is very adverse for development of microorganisms.

For conservation foodstuff also addition of various antimicrobic is applied substances phytoncides, antibiotics, antiseptic tanks.

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How much

How much There is almost skimmed milk, skim milk ,, %, but for the kids, it is not appropriate, it there is almost no fatsoluble vitamins.

How much fat milk to give the baby depends the number of fats coming into his body with OS orbital food.

Than fatter other dishes, which re the child eats during the day, the less fat milk needs but to choose.

The most ideal option is to buy for a child special, baby milk in our country known trade mark Theme.

Besides, what is mo Loco prepared in respect of all measures safe particularly, it is further enriched by necessary mi vitamins and minerals.

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Alik and Lenya

Alik and Lenya Then about iznasi them from memory.

Alik and Lenya Topal.

Galya and Valya ran.

Olya and Lida sang.

Roofing and Kolya were digging.

VA La and Lida nodded.

Loew and Oleg walked.

Luda and Lyuba rested.

Lenya and Lina Bo Lely.

Thekremlin pronunciation sound EH, composed as answers to questions Take pictures of the boy and girl from Annex .

Give them the names of Lena and Le nya.

Display pictures hints of Annexes and answer the questions fully the proposals.

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My method

My method Child, which safely undertakes any business, carelessly goes forward, in passing somehow correcting the mistakes, everything does badly because undertakes that beyond its powers, such child never will not be sensitive to the mistakes.

My method of training in the letter is pedagogic it inspires to the child the prudence inducing it to prevent mistakes, advantage which forces to watch it and conducts to perfection, and humility which approaches it to the source dobra.

My method destroys confidence that casual success enough for continue niya of the begun business.

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Children From the street, from the yard, showing sya silent, sounds start reaching that will begin to chirp a birdie, there will pass the child.

Children this silence fascinates.

Here the head mistress speaks already there is more nobody; children all where that disappeared.

Having reached such silence, we darken the room and we allow children to close eyes, and the polo head to live on hands.

They accept this pose, and in the twilight the absolute silence sets in.

Now listen we speak the low voice will call you on names.

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