At marinated

At marinated The ready cabbage has to crackle on teeth.

To fill the cooled cabbage with vegetable oil.

To lay out cabbage in a salad bowl to strew with fennel.

Salad from sauerkraut Sauerkraut g, cowberry marinated g, apples marinated g, sugar g, vegetable oil, cinnamon and a carnation.

Cabbage, fermented the whole heads of cabbage, after removal of cabbage stumps to cut on pieces of a square form.

At marinated apples to cut out a core and to cut their segments on parts.

To filter watering from marinated apples, to put in it a carnation, cinnamon, to boil.

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Chapter . Consequences. Motivation

Chapter . Consequences. Motivation Moreover, such approach can spoil the relations.

Slish often the parents who chose a way of punishment tell a lump Worse to be cannot any more, and the child answers I have nothing to lose.

Chapter .


Motivation of the child to training and use of organizational skills Support of organizational skills by means of a praise As in the first of the offered scenarios, the pokhva sometimes suffices ly and recognitions.

Parents, for example, can tell the fiveyearold to the child You cleaned teeth after a breakfast without reminders.

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At the same

At the same At kids almost never happens allergies on chest milk though the child can be sensitive to that used mother in I peep.

He well perceives milk.

At the same time at one of ten babies after the first reception the allergy to artificial mix is shown, prepared on the basis of cow's milk.

Expecting the child, it is necessary to reduce to a minimum risk of development of an allergy in yet not been born kid.

Follows to pay a close attention to food during pregnancy.

Natural food has to be various, but some products it is necessary to limit.

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For example, if mother

For example, if mother But as soon as he will be able to remember people, events or objects, even for a short time, its world will become more and there will be with it a lava .

Why the capable child such scattered?

always, when he is awake.

He starts choosing and making decisions.

For example, if mother leaves and not at once comes back, the child can on to look there where he saw it last time, and to cry.

Perhaps, mother will return.

In that case at the certain level the child will come to vyvo du If mother leaves and I want that she returned, it is necessary to cry.

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From half

From half Now ask How is buzzing train?

, How goes the typewriter?

Game develops fine motor skills, attention and cognition therefore abilities.

From half to two years Our fingers play Put your baby in your lap and was stroking his palm, counting on fingers, prigovarivaya Forty, forty, Porridge cooked.

On the threshold of the rode, The guests were on the lookout for Not whether guests Not being taken if the Goodies?

Have guests, They brought gifts, This is clover, This is the mash, This is Pivtsov, And this was lacking, Come, there is a well, Get drunk of the water!

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