It pollen

It pollen In total there are more than species al Mergenov.

It pollen variety of plants, PART I.

CHILDHOOD DISEASES microscopic fungi, industrial and household dust, animal hair and drug the drugs.

Another name for seasonal allergic ri Nita hay fever from the Latin pollen floral dust.

Usually hay fever escalates in the spring and in the summer, at least in the fall, and there is almost no during the winter.

Symptoms Asthma coughing and permanent separation from nose that appear after being on the street in the time of flowering plants al Mergenov, especially in the dry and windy weather, or at home , if the allergen is house dust and other substances.

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To pour sugar

To pour sugar Apple fruit jelly To prepare apples as it is specified in the previous recipe, at the rate of g of sugar on kg of apples.

To put in a hot oven.

After boiling to reduce temperature and to uvarivat apples about minutes.

To lay weight in a foil, to dry at to room temperature then to cut on slices and to store in bank.

The baked apples Apples to wash up, remove seeds.

To cut segments or circles.

To pour sugar at the rate of g on kg of apples.

To lay apples under oppression for releases of juice.

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Riga barn

Riga barn Talk first slowly, then faster, while maintaining the volume and clarity of pronunciation.

The apartment Katerina beautiful paintings.

In the theatre for the premiere of many spectators on the ground.

Cooking and Marina cooked from Rowan.

In the yard of Boris many barberry.

Marina Marina mushrooms.

On the hill, on the hill, thirtythree Egor.

The beds have Fedora radish, turnip, tomato.

On the bed Perina, Perina Marina.

Riga barn for drying crops and grain.

Ne play zebrata with cubs!

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SHORT THERAPEUTIC Sammy looked at the camel, according nodded and said, Thank you, Mr.


Since I know how to hold any water, and everything else I can hold.

SHORT THERAPEUTIC HISTORY WITH INDIRECT IMPACT Let me remind you that the therapeutic fairy tales and stories are two kinds.

Some are direct instructions, what to do, they addressed to the consciousness and offer a clear strategy of conduct ing.

Others have an indirect impact, and the unconscious a child.

The history of the second type can be long and very short, such as what is shown below.

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From the first

From the first The time has come younger lion cub to go to school.

Finally, other animals will know and love me as my father, mother and brother I dreamed a small lion cub, I'll go to school and will motivate themselves to respect.

From the first day at school lion cub had been respected by one graders.

Will throw in a squirrel lump and asks Who is the most apt?

Who is the strongest?

Will be the earth bear and rejoices I am the clever, I am the strong one.

Hit baby elephant book on the head and screaming with delight And you had overcome.

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