If only

If only If only I On the free will of To swim and sail In his gondola, On the whaler, On the cake To sail without grief And anxiety Just to swim and swim for hours Still under sail Ile motor, Ile rowed In that region, Where no adults!

To see the ocean, Will pothouse with hurricane And return back to the mother Right to tea with pies.

p B.

Zakhoder Instrumental case What is protected?

EF thorns, deer horns etc.

What will you treat animals friends?

PLIM Spoon a spoon, Spoon the soup to eat.

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Calligraphy It is work long and difficult, as the child, seeing a sample, has to follow the movements necessary for its reproduction, and here between visual feeling and corresponding to it does not exist.

Calligraphy too it is often taught at such age when all defects were already approved, and physiological the period of work of muscular memory already passed.

We directly podgotovlyay the child not only to the letter, but also to a calligraphy, an obra shchy a lot of attention to beauty of a form children feel calligraphical letters and on plav letter nost to it exercises serve in shading of figures.

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Add the matching

Add the matching Add the matching rhyme need the same number of syllables Says an adult child Says Paradise goes to the Bazaar, ar ar ar ar ar ar.

Fedor is sweeping the yard, PRS PRS PRS PRS PRS PRS.

At trough a lot of chickens, UR ur ur.

UR UR UR Iraida drink kefir, Il Il Il, Il Il Il.

Smooth red tomato, Dor Dor Dor Dor.

Farmer's name is Zachary, har har har, har har har.

Master cuts the cord, Nur Nur Nur Nur Nur Nur.

Truck leads the driver, fer fer fer, fer fer fer.

Romijn dad officer, CER CER CER, CER CER CER.

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When breathing

When breathing Look and listen for breathing if rebenok PART III.

FIRST AID IN CASE OF ACCIDENTS If the child is not breathing , start reani on information.

When breathing in a child recovers, about dalgite to monitor breathing and pulse.

Fix the head and torso of the child in the position they are in.

The head and torso of a child put will roll tym towels, blankets or clothing.

When click on them to the body of heavy objects book mi, stones.

If the child is lying on his back , put him under your neck is not moving head some thin pillow or small the towel.

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Their love

Their love Mildness of children is so absolute, their tenderness is so boundless, it a humility germ which it is easy to muffle any form of oppression, any nespraved livost.

Their love to knowledge surpasses any other love and forces us to think that the mankind truly in the soul carries passion which conducts people everything to the new to victories of thought and every century softens a yoke of different types of slavery more and more.

EDUCATION OF FEELINGS In the field of experimental pedagogics education of feelings, undoubtedly, should give especially importance.

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