So, on the first, time

So, on the first, time Figures from a cardboard.

I cut out geometrical figures of different size from a cardboard and I learn children to make figures; but I do not demand that they made these figures, and on the contrary, I wait that | they spontaneously observed a surrounding situation, or I try to move them to such supervision.

The child has to become interested and continue supervision selfpro izvolno.

So, on the first, time I show game.

Without a word, I bring with myself a parcel with ku cardboard nets, prepared for the child, I sit down in one of armchairs and I wait, so far children will surround me.

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Spared the sun heat

Spared the sun heat Favourite rhyme sauce.

Each acquainted with one of the walrus, I walrus sign.

Friend yells at the Bazaar, as if the fire started.

Zhuk said to me, Zhu Zhu Zhu, I bison are friends!

Screamed saw, vibrated like a bee.

When the clock I get, even her Wake.

We would go to the meadow and will take with him stozhok.

Spared the sun heat for a good tan.

The dog on zavalinke lay and rear paw licking.

Once the green butterfly sat on the yellow stalk.

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The sparing

The sparing For children with food allergy the food is prepared a little differently, than for healthy contemporaries.

For giving to food of its gentle pyureobrazny consistence carefully crush, mill, wipe.

The sparing food reduces loading on digestive organs.

In the same purposes to children even more advanced age in the sharp period of a disease should be steamed and boiled food.

Products are exposed to longer processing.

It is recommended to eat only freshly cooked food, as through some hours processes of rotting and fermentation begin, does not rescue even the refrigerator.

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One catch

One catch Talking to the kid in the course of game, use words left, right half, middle; top, picture bottom; top right corner, lower left and so on.

Gradually pass to assembly of puzzles puzzles and pictures on cubes.

GEOMETRICAL LOTTO Take an album leaf.

Cut it in half on length.

One catch on there will be a game field, another cards.

Line each half on three parts.

Draw a game in each section round of a geometrical figure.

On both halves have to be absolute to the ode nakovy figures, it is better to draw them on a cliche use a ruler with openings in the form of figures or the game Framework and Inserts Geometrical.

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If to interfere

If to interfere Though many children also can to disturb gases in a tummy, these researches beat out the soil from under the theory, the explaining colic a congestion of gases.

If to interfere and interrupt shouts of the kid suffering from gripes, he zaglotat it is less than air.

Look at the child during one of such attacks.

It so long holds the breath during shout, what even becomes blue, and it plunges parents in a panic.

Then, when it seems that shout already will never come to an end, the child convulsively swallows of air as it is done also by you after a long delay breath.

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