Add the matching

Add the matching Add the matching rhyme need the same number of syllables Says an adult child Says Paradise goes to the Bazaar, ar ar ar ar ar ar.

Fedor is sweeping the yard, PRS PRS PRS PRS PRS PRS.

At trough a lot of chickens, UR ur ur.

UR UR UR Iraida drink kefir, Il Il Il, Il Il Il.

Smooth red tomato, Dor Dor Dor Dor.

Farmer's name is Zachary, har har har, har har har.

Master cuts the cord, Nur Nur Nur Nur Nur Nur.

Truck leads the driver, fer fer fer, fer fer fer.

Romijn dad officer, CER CER CER, CER CER CER.


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  • So, for example, hunting
  • Therefore
  • To fill with
  • One catch
  • How much
  • For example, if mother
  • Alik and Lenya
  • He sat in a beautiful
  • At the same
  • When breathing