The BCG complications

The BCG complications The BCG complications include hypodermic cold abscesses local complication arising from not correct introduction of the vaccine into the skin, it develops in to .

months and require surgical treatment; sores size over mm as a rule, this is a consequence of high individual individual reactivity of organism; may require local treatment; inflammation of regional lymph node occurs when bacteria BCG beyond skin in the nearest lymph node; keloid increased the scar when the size of the scar less than mm treatment Deposit is not required.

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Show, where

Show, where Deliver before the child in a row three caps to one tsva that.

Show, where big, where average, where the small.

On build together with the child a turret at first on big cap we put average, then small.

Hide a stake packs at first should be put on a small cap of Wednesdays niya, and then big.

All your actions need to be sounded, that the child not only saw that you do, but also heard also learned to understand words.

Can gradually start comparing by the size of Troy ki multicolored caps and to do with them the same about to suzhdat, where what what is more or less than another, stro to ityit turrets or to hide one cap under another.

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He sat in a beautiful

He sat in a beautiful Come in the garden after the event nick and I will say that I dressed up in darkness.

Here the guys in the band and me not note Lee!

THE FIRST CONCERT Makar for the first time was in the Conservatory.

Together with him came to the concert my mother and sister.

He sat in a beautiful red chair and looked at the scene.

There stood a large musical instruments drums, harp, piano.

Soon the audience left the band, and brought with them the tools smaller.

It were violin, trumpet, English horns.

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Value of mushrooms

Value of mushrooms MUSHROOMS IN FOOD OF CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS Mushrooms represent vegetable food.

Value of mushrooms Mushrooms possess an ekstraktivnost, give fragrant broths.

Addition even small amount of highgrade fresh mushrooms, such as truffles, champignons or cepes, in many meat, game, fish dishes give them aroma and taste.

In the food relation mushrooms are valuable existence nitrogenous and albumens, therefore they are also called vegetable meat.

Fresh boletuses surpass cabbage, eggplants, green onions in caloric content, and dried almost twice kaloriyny eggs and boiled sausage.

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The carbohydrate

The carbohydrate In separate mixes for premature children srednetsepochechny triglycerides are entered, for which digestion it is not required participations of enzymes of a pancreas lipases.

The pancreas at premature children does not possess yet due activity.

The carbohydrate component of mixes is generally presented by lactose and dekstrinmaltozy, possessing ability to stimulate growth the bifidobacteria which are slowing down development of pathogenic microorganisms.

The vitamin and mineral structure of products is balanced and completely corresponds to need of prematurely been born child for these important feedstuffs doses are without fail entered into products vitamins D, E and C, and also calcium and iron.

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